Wiring Installation and Repair

We all rely on the wiring in our homes to safely power up the appliances and lights in our home. The National Electrical Code governs the electrical installations in our homes and is updated every three years to enhance the electrical safety features. The professional electricians at Casteel complete continuing education classes to stay up to date with code changes that come out. So whether you need wiring repaired or need to add new wiring we are there to help.

New Installations

Do you have enough electrical outlets? The professional electricians at Casteel can add additional outlets for you. Our team of experienced electricians can add outlets in those hard to access areas. Many times outlets can be added without the need for any sheetrock repair.

Basement Wiring- If you're thinking of finishing your basement, the electrical pros at Casteel can design and install the electrical wiring for you. This includes lighting, outlets, air conditioning wiring, cable tv and telephone wiring.

Hot Tub Wiring-  Our professional electricians are ready to help if you need a qualified electrician to connect a hot tub. Our installations include everything from the new wire to a new GFCI protected disconnect to the final connection at the unit.

Oven or Dryer Circuits-  The electricians at Casteel can convert your oven or dryer from gas to electric. They are professionals at installing new wiring for any gas or electric appliance and they stay up on current codes to make sure every installation meets today’s safety standards.

Don’t see the item you need wired up just give us a call we can install and connect the wiring for anything electrical in your home. Contact the professional electricians at Casteel today at 770-565-5884 or schedule online.