Water Filtration

Do you know what you’re drinking?

It is a common misconception that crystal clear water is crystal clean water. Your water may be free of color and sediment, but that doesn't mean it is free of contaminants. Water filtration involves disinfecting and purifying water by removing the contaminants that are invisible to the human eye.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your iron have sediment around the steam holes?
  • How about the inside of your toilets?
  • Do you have the dreaded ring around the bowl?

Water filtration can remove the excess out of your water and provide you with a healthy source for all your water needs. Water Quality Association recommends a 3 step program to make sure your drinking water is healthy and safe.

  • Consult - call a water quality professional (that's Casteel).
  • Test - have a water analysis performed on your drinking water making sure to have a professional read your results. Let us do the testing for you!
  • Treat - review your water filtration results with the professionals. We'll provide you with a number of options best suited to your home and budget!

The Environmental Protection Agency allows over 80 contaminants to occur in our drinking water such as: ammonia, arsenic, chlorine, copper, fluoride, bacteria & viruses, lead & nitrates. Even though your water may appear to be crystal clear, that does not mean that it is crystal clean.

Water Filtration Systems in Atlanta

We highly recommend EWS (Environmental Water Systems) products. They provide the best options in water filtration and have been recognized as providing the best products for your home and commercial water needs. EWS systems are leaders in the industry in making your water clean and healthy.

By contacting Casteel to have your water tested, you are on your way to having the purest of drinking water right at the faucet. This is just another way that we take Amazing Care of you® and your family!

Contact Casteel to schedule your water evaluation today for only $19 by calling 770-565-5884.

Water Filtration