Toilet Stoppages

There is nothing worse than flushing a toilet to realize that the water is not going down and only continues to rise up and over the brim. As the panic sets in and the water overflows, you put in your best effort. If the plunger isn't cutting it or the problems recur, call in the expert plumbers at Casteel that can handle any of your toilet replacement or drain repair needs.

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What Causes the Clogs?

There are a number of reasons toilets can clog and often times, do it yourself solutions are NOT the best option. They can result in serious and costly damage to your bathroom and most often there is a simple problem that your Casteel plumber can fix. When there is a more serious reason behind your clogged toilet, having the right tools and know how to properly address the situation is key. Contact Casteel to get the job done right!

Some of the most popular reasons for a clogged toilet are:

  • Too much toilet paper. It is best to use a 1-ply toilet paper which tend not to clump together and cause large blockages in the pipes
  • Other items flushed down the toilet. Toilets are designed to be able to handle waste and toilet paper. Any other items such as cotton balls, baby wipes, floss, toys, sanitary products, paper towels, napkins, diapers, or cigarette butts should not be flushed.
  • Septic Tank Issues/Main Drain Issues. Sometimes tree roots can invade the septic system or main pipes. The system itself may even have problems in which the toilet becomes clogged. Since all of the water in the home empties into the main drain or septic tank, any number of things can cause problems throughout your plumbing system.

Why CasteelToilet Stoppages and cleanup in Atlanta

  • Industry Leading Licensed and Certified Plumbers who are background checked, screened, and happy to help you
  • Up Front Flat Rate Pricing so you don't have any Surprises
  • Fully Stocked Trucks so we can the job done right away
  • Advanced Technology to provide the highest and most efficient level of care
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  • We will take Amazing Care of You!®

At Casteel, we have a variety of professional tools that can help unclog your drains and toilet. Our licensed and certified plumbers will take all the precautions to assure that the situation is handled, often putting a camera down the clogged drain to see what the culprit may be. While the conventional plunger may work perfectly on small problems, our plumbers have a tool called an auger which snakes down the drain and using pressure, is capable of breaking apart the blockage. If the problem is more severe, our plumbers will assess the situation appropriately.

No matter how severe the blockage may be, Casteel’s expert plumbers are trained to diagnose the problem, perform the appropriate checks and balances, weigh the options, communicate them to you with competitively priced flat rate pricing, and with your approval complete the repair correctly. Our main focus is not only fixing the problem but providing you with the Amazing Care that all of our customers deserve.

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