Smoke Detectors

One of the most important safety devices in your home today is your smoke detector. Properly working and maintained smoke detectors save lives by providing you an early warning signal in the event of smoke or fire.

In an effort to reduce injuries and save lives, modern building codes have changed. The new codes require additional smoke detectors to be installed throughout the home. Our trained technicians are familiar with current safety and building codes and will make sure that your home is compliant with local regulations.

Remember, your smoke detectors must be properly maintained, tested and replaced. The professional electricians at Casteel can install or maintain smoke detectors in your home, giving you peace of mind. Call Casteel today and ask about replacement batteries that can last years! If it has been 7-10 years since you had your smoke detectors replaced, now is the time! Contact Casteel at 770-565-5884 and our experienced electricians today will help you with your electrical needs.

Smoke Detector and Smoke Detector repair in Atlanta

Smoke Detector Tips:

•Have smoke detectors installed in all code compliant required areas.
•Test smoke detectors monthly for proper functioning.
•Replace batteries at least once a year, or use lifelong batteries.
•Clean smoke detectors annually.
•Replace your smoke detector every 7-10 years.