Refrigerant Restrictions

Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical wants to take Amazing Care of you so we are currently offering Free Refrigerant – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars! Our Free Refrigerant offer is good only with a repair or replacement from Casteel. Details and restrictions are outlined below:

  • Free Refrigerant only applies to Casteel residential customers living in our operating area.
  • Before adding refrigerant to an air conditioning system that has a leak, a repair of the leak must be made. Intentionally releasing or venting Refrigerant (R22) into the atmosphere is prohibited by the EPA. Casteel will make the repair, and provide you with Free Refrigerant.
  • If an air conditioning system is leaking Refrigerant (R22) and the leak is not repairable, then a replacement of the air conditioning component is necessary. If you choose Casteel to replace your system, we will provide you with Free Refrigerant.
  • If a homeowner elects not to repair a known leak, but decides to “add Refrigerant (R22) to get the air conditioner operational for a short period of time”, then the homeowner will be required to:
  1. Initial the paperwork stating that they have been made aware of the leak* and necessary repair or replacement options (*see “Clean Air Act” below)
  2. Forfeit their right to the “Free Refrigerant” offer and pay the current Casteel per pound rate.

Freon Restrictions*The United States Congress passed the “Clean Air Act” which became effective July 1, 1992. This Act prohibits individual’s from knowingly venting ozone-depleting compounds used in refrigerants into the atmosphere. Section 608 of the “Clean Air Act” prohibits individuals from intentionally venting ozone-depleting substances used as refrigerants into the atmosphere while maintaining, servicing, repairing, or disposing of air conditioning equipment or appliances. Homeowners that are aware of a refrigerant leak and choose not that have the leak repaired must initial their invoice understanding the EPA guidelines.

Refrigerant (R22) is an HCFC coolant / refrigerant used for residential air conditioning for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is phasing out production of the old Refrigerant, known as R22. This coolant contains hydro chlorofluorocarbons, which are the gases believed to be eroding the earth’s ozone layer. 

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