Air Conditioning Repair Marietta

Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Marietta

In the heat of a Marietta summer, nothing is worse than a broken air conditioning system. Casteel’s local AC repair technicians can quickly fix your air conditioning so that your family or business can be comfortable.

Our HVAC contractors are local to the Marietta community, so we're dedicated to keeping your family safe in the heat, and your business open and inviting. Whether the issue stems from a broken AC unit, a faulty thermostat that drives up your energy costs or old equipment that is inefficient, our experts can find you the perfect solution to all of your air conditioning and heater needs.

What to Expect from Your Air Conditioning Repair Technician

When your certified air conditioning and heating repair technician arrives, you can expect top notch workmanship and care for your home or business. Our local HVAC pro from the Marietta area will provide high level service, no matter how complicated the job is. From AC repair to furnace replacement, you can trust your technician to keep you house cool in the hot Georgia summer and warm all winter long.

How to Tell if your Air Conditioner or Heating Needs to be Serviced

It might be easy to tell if your heating or air conditioner isn't working by merely feeling the summer heat or winter chill spread throughout your home. Some issues, though, can be tricky to find. A faulty thermostat might throw your whole system off. Always keep an ear out for any squealing or grating sounds from your AC unit – that's a sign that you should bring in a professional.

Be Safe and Be Smart

Trying to tell if your air conditioner or furnace is broken can be risky – don't be afraid to call in the professionals. Any major electric appliance, like an AC unit, always has the danger of electrocution. You should also be aware of any heating appliances that might be hot to the touch. When in doubt, call in backup!

Proudly Serving Marietta, Georgia

Our local air conditioning and heating repair technicians are thrilled to be able to serve their neighbors in Marietta. We're proud to be a part of the Marietta community and would love to help your family or business with all of its heating and cooling needs.