Just $39 Bucks

Just $39 Bucks

Are you worried about...

•Leaking pipes, slow drains or cold showers?
•Flickering lights, sparking receptacles or power surges?

With Casteel's Plumbing and Electrical divisions you always pay Just $39 Bucks for your Plumbing or Electrical trip charge.

Our Licensed Professional Plumbers and Electricians will come to your home to:

•Explain all options for repair and/or replacement
•Provide pricing and payment options for the repair you choose.

You can trust Casteel to offer you the best options; Casteel spends countless hours training our employees not only on products but how to provide Amazing Care to our customers. This is why Casteel is the #1 Best Pick Plumber in Atlanta voted by Atlanta’s Home Improvement Magazine.

Not sure if you have a problem?

Plumbing items to consider:

Age of your current Water Heater:


If your water heater is over 8 years old consider replacing it to avoid future disasters.

Leaking pipes:


Leaks can become larger over time and cause damage to your home.

Slow/Clogged Drains:


Drain backups are very common, it is important to have them properly cleared, inspected and make vital repairs to prevent future major damages and repairs are vital.

High Water bills:


Leaking pipes or running toilets can cause your water bill to soar.

Water Leak in the yard:


Water in your yard could mean a broken or leaking pipe. Having this addressed immediately can save you thousands in costly repairs or damages.

Busted Pipes:


A busted pipe is an emergency situation. Water damage can be very costly and you should know how to turn off the main water supply to your home. Which, can prevent major damage if caught in time.

Low Water Pressure:


Not having enough water pressure can be irritating to deal with. This could be an easy fix and save you frustration.

Clogged Toilet:


Sometime a plunger just won’t do the trick. Having a professional with the proper machine to clear tough clogs is one way to insure the problem is resolved.

Fixture Replacement:


Updating your Kitchen or Bath with the right fixtures for convenience and style is always a great feeling. We provide options to fit your lifestyle backed by a professional installation.

Water Filtration:


Do you drink bottled water or tap water? Do you filter your water through your refrigerator? Having a whole home filtration system not only treats all the water in your home it saves on expensive replacement cartridges and keeps fixtures stain free.

Electrical items to consider:

Flickering lights:


This can be caused by a loose connection or faulty switches/receptacles. Having these problems corrected can save you in future repairs or damage.

Surge protection:


Is your home protected? With seasonal storms in Georgia, It is important to protect electronics and appliances in your home from surges. Whole home surge protectors help prevent damages to major appliances that can be costly to replace.

Smoke detectors:


Did you know that smoke detectors have an age limit? It is suggested that you replace your smoke detectors in your home every 5-7 years. Over time dirt and dust settle inside the component and can cause delayed or no readings during a fire. Make sure you protect your family as well as your home.

Bath Fans Installed:


Having the proper ventilation on your bathroom and shower is key to preventing moisture build up.

Ceiling Fans:


Replacing or adding a ceiling fan has never been easier. With today’s technology you can adjust the fan remotely. We provide many options to fit your lifestyle and décor.

TV Outlets:


Updating your TV to a new flat panel screen gives you flexibility to mount your TV wherever you would like. Hanging your TV and hiding the cords gives your room a clean professional look.

Can Lights:


Adding can lights can brighten a room and let you see again. We have options for every room in your home.

Dock Inspections:


We all know that water and electricity do not mix. Having your boat dock’s electrical system safety inspected is crucial each year. Also adding additional light so you can find your way not only helps with guidance but makes you dock stand out from the others.

Electric Car Charging Station:


Considering buying a new electric car? We can add a charging station to your garage for ease and convenience to plug in when you come home.

LED Lighting:


LED lighting is not only energy saving but it last longer than traditional bulbs. We can offer a full upgrade for your homes interior and exterior lighting.

NEST Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and thermostats:


Want to have full mobility control of you homes HVAC system? Want to get alerted if your smoke/carbon monoxide detector is going off? NEST can do this for you. Ask our professional electricians about your options during their visit.

From leaking pipes to electrical panels Casteel’s professionals will provide a complete solution to your problem. For Just $39 Bucks (trip charge),we can get your home back on track.

•Special Financing Available with Approved Credit
•Prompt Service
•Direct contact with the Casteel owners
•Punctual staff
•Job sites and home left clean
•Clean-cut, professional employees that are background checked and drug free
•Flat rate, up front pricing
•Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured and family owned