Humidity Control

Humidity ControlHumidity plays a large role in your comfort, the condition of your home, and your health. We certainly can feel the humidity during the summer time as well as the lack of during the winter months. Simply put, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. It is what causes your windows to steam up during a shower, mold to grow in various “wet” places throughout the home or your skin to feel dry and cracked during the cooler, less humid months. Whether we realize it or not, humidity plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our HVAC systems and our energy efficiency.

The humidity inside of a home must be controlled properly along with the home’s temperature in order to maintain ideal comfort. The more humidity in the air, the more heat it can hold. That’s why summer temperatures in Georgia can be stifling and in Colorado may feel much more comfortable. If the humidity inside of the home increases, the air holds more heat causing the AC to run longer to offset the humidity. Along with the energy costs, excess humidity can also pose hazardous to our health. Moist environments promote the growth of biological organisms. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has performed studies that show; 30% to 50% of all structures have damp conditions which may encourage the growth and buildup of biological pollutants. Excess moisture can cause various illnesses such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems and increase your need for added air filtration.

On the contrary, having a low amount of humidity can also affect our home and our health. When a home’s heating system is running during the cooler months, the humidity is generally low. Winter weather aids in the dryer air but the heating system is the main culprit in your home’s low humidity levels. Dry air in your home can cause or aggravate respiratory problems, dry out nasal passages and make you more susceptible to colds or flu. It can also affect the home itself by drying out your hardwood floors, causing wallpaper and drywall to crack and create unnecessary static electricity.

Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical offers solutions to your home’s humidity controls as well as aids in making your HVAC system the most efficient. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers work with the home's heating and cooling system to keep moisture levels balanced in every room. Both are designed to maintain optimum humidity levels. Casteel offers a variety of options to provide you with the best air quality:

  • Dehumidifiers- draw excess water from the air and dry air is circulated back into the room.

  • Humidifiers-  serve the opposite function of a dehumidifier in a home. They add moisture to the air.

The two appliances can’t compare, since they both provide different functions. Even if the end goal is the same; to achieve the optimum level of humidity, you might require both machines for opposite times of the year. By contacting Casteel, your home humidity needs will be taken care of.  Casteel guarantees to take Amazing Care of you. As a Trane Titanium Dealer, we send out only the best NATE certified technicians to address your needs and provide you with the best service. Contact Casteel today at 770-565-5884 or schedule online.