Whole Home Plumbing Inspection

Home Plumbing Inspection in Atlanta

The two main components of your home's plumbing system are designed to bring in fresh water and remove your waste water. Your plumbing system is complicated, using gravity and pressure to its advantage while adding to the complication of the design. Casteel's licensed and certified plumbers are expertly trained to inspect your home's plumbing pipes and save you trouble, time and money!

Think about the number of places in your home that involve a water supply:

•Indoor/Outdoor Faucets
•Water Heater
•And More!

The number of connections inside your walls are many and any problem can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Get peace of mind with Casteel's Whole Home Plumbing Inspection which will keep your plumbing system running in the clear.

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50 Point Plumbing Inspection

Our Whole Home Plumbing Inspection is meant to give you peace of mind that your plumbing is working smoothly and you won’t come home to a burst pipe or a broken water heater. Listed below are Just a few of Casteel's Plumbing Inspection Points:

•All faucets will be inspected for leaks and proper functioning to include under cabinet exposed pipes.
•Your toilets will be checked for proper flushing, potential leaks and clogs.
•All showers and tubs will be checked for fixture leaks and proper drainage.
•Any supply lines will be checked for cracking and deterioration as well as proper functioning.
•Your garbage disposal lines and unit will be checked for leaks and proper functioning.
•We will visually inspect your dishwasher and any visible lines.
•We will verify that your water heater has no signs of corrosion, leaks or damage. Water heaters are the #1 culprit of leaks and we will provide you with peace of mind and a good supply of hot water.
•Anything touching or draining water is inspected for potential clogs.
•We will check where your water enters the home (this does not include digging up any outside lines, only the visual inspection)


***If a plumbing problem is noted during inspection, diagnosis may be required and may incur additional charges for identification and repair. A 10% discount is offered on parts and labor if repairs are performed at the time of inspection.***