Backup Generators

Storms can knock out power lines and leave you without electricity for hours at a time. When the power is off for an hour or two, you may not notice the effects, but any longer than that and it becomes a huge inconvenience. Bad weather can pose a challenge to the elderly, children, or those that require electricity for medical equipment. By preparing for the worst, you are able to eliminate the inconveniences that come along with the stormy weather.

A backup generator is the perfect option to protect you and your home during the unpredictable. Installed outside, just like your air conditioner, a backup generator will provide power to your home by running on natural gas or liquid propane. The power is routed directly into your home via the electrical panel. Backup Generators in AtlantaYour backup generator can sense a power outage and will immediately provide power to your home. Whether it be minutes or weeks, your backup generator will provide you with the peace of mind necessary when dealing with the unpredictable.

By contacting Casteel and having a backup generator installed by one of our certified professional electricians, you will protect what is most important to you in your home.

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