Fish Christmas Wish

Christmas time is around, and there are many people that are in need of specific things during the holiday season. Casteel partnered with 104.7 The Fish to grant their listeners wishes.
The first wish granted by Casteel’s president, John Hillis, was to Kelly, a deserving father of two handicapped children. Kelly’s bathroom was in dire need of being renovated to have handicap access for his children. After mounting costs, the bathroom still needed more updates. Casteel will help Kelly with fixing the shower, the bath tub, installing a new water heater, and dishwasher. John will also help with some of the costs of a new septic tank. Listen to the whole exchange below.
For the second wish Casteel granted, Tony nominated his daughter-in-law Kelly. Kelly is married to a police officer and a stay at home mom. The family has a son who has had health issues from autism, chiari, epilepsy, and mini strokes. He has gone through 3 brain surgeries this year, and will need to undergo 2 more next year. All of the health issues have put a financially strain on the family, and Casteel wants to help by installing a new water heater and microwave oven as well as providing a gift card to Toys R Us to the family. Listen below!