Electrical Panels

When you need an electrical panel upgrade or require additional circuit breakers, look no further than Casteel. Our licensed and highly trained electricians will assure that your electrical panel is hazard free and allows for the electrical usage your home requires. 

Like the heart distributes and pumps blood throughout the body, your electrical panel does the same with the electricity that comes into your home. You may know it as a circuit breaker panel, fuse box, or fuse panel, but all these names are for the system that provides the same function in your home - to distribute power throughout.

Generally your electrical panel is meant to be lower maintenance and withstand years and years of use. With regular electrical panel checks that are included in our Casteel Club Electrical Maintenance Program, we can assure that your panel is properly maintained. A poorly installed and poorly maintained system can be the most dangerous 6 square feet in your home.

How do you know that your electrical panel is needing maintenance and repair? Here are a number of other indicators, recommended by the National Fire Protection Association; that would warrant a call to your trusted Casteel electrician for a replacement or immediate repair:

•Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuits
Flickering lights
•Lights that brighten or dim
•Hot Electrical Panel
•Electrical panel which makes a crackling or buzzing sound
•Unexplained electrical problems

Zinsco Electrical Panels or Federal Pacific Panels require immediate attention:

  • If you currently have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel – These panels, although no longer in production- were installed in the 1970’s-1980’s and caused numerous house fires which ended in a class action suit and closure of the companies. There are numbers of homes with these panels still today that would require immediate replacement.
  • If you have either of these panels in your home - Casteel will provide you with a

Electrical Panel Inspection

It is always important to contact the professionals when dealing with electricity. At Casteel, we pride ourselves on our top notch workmanship and customer service. We will take Amazing Care of You®! Our electricians are licensed, Eaton certified, and professionally trained to diagnose and rectify any problems with your electrical system. Call us today at 770-565-5884 or schedule online