Electrical Inspections

Many home owners do not think about their electrical panel, wiring, outlets – their entire electrical system – until they have a huge problem. Do you know if your electrical system is safe? Are your outlets GFCI protected? Do you have carbon monoxide detectors? Is your electrical system grounded?

We have all come to rely on the conveniences that the modern day electrical system provides our homes. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think about their electrical system until it breaks. A poorly maintained electrical system can become very expensive but it can also become a very dangerous system in your home.

You wouldn’t drive your car 24 hours a day 365 days a year without changing the oil. The same logic holds true for your home's electrical system. Every part of your home requires electricity. From the garage to your bedroom, your home's electrical system is providing electricity throughout your home 24 hours a day without a break. The majority of homeowners fail to get their electrical system serviced until it breaks down. This failure to maintain the system can lead to costly breakdowns and most importantly can create major safety issues. If not properly maintained the electrical system can become the most dangerous system in the home.

Consider having one of our professional electricians out to your home to provide you with a whole home electrical safety inspection. Our electricians will scour your home for potential hazards, provide you with energy saving tips, as well as assure the proper functioning of your electrical system.

Signs that your Electrical System May Need Serviced

•Flickering Lights or lights that get bright or dim
•Tripping breakers, blown fuses
•Buzzing sounds coming from your electrical panel
•Electrical Items that don’t work (outlets, light switches, etc.)
•Your electrical system hasn’t been serviced in more than 5 years
•Switches or outlets that are hot to the touch

Benefits of having a Home Electrical Safety Inspection:

•Your main panel will be inspected: check size of breakers, make sure they are the correct type.
•We will inspect for any kind of electrical burning or damage.
•Check open splices in attic and crawl spaces.
•Perform Testing and check GFCI protection according to county codes.
•Check and test smoke detectors for proper operation.
•Inspect Wiring to all major appliances if visible.
•Verify HVAC equipment is installed properly and has not electrical hazards.
•Double check the grounding system to your home.
•Inspect and test all of the electrical outlets for proper operation.
•Verify proper functioning of all electrical switches.
•Inspect the voltage to your home.
•Double check the integrity of meter equipment at service entry to home.
•Technician will look for other potential hazards or enhancements to home.

Home Electrical Safety Inspection

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*** Technician will not remove outlets or switches during the inspection. No diagnosis is included. If a problem emerges or is seen during the inspection, for a full diagnosis and identification of problem and repair, additional charges may apply. If any repairs are found during your inspection, a 10% discount will be offered on parts and labor if repair is performed at the same visit.***

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