Electrical Safety Inspection

We have all come to rely on the conveniences that the modern day electrical system provides us. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think about their electrical system until it breaks. A poorly maintained electrical system cannot only become expensive but it can also become a very dangerous system in your home.

Just like your car requires regular maintenance to provide years of worry free service, your homes electrical system requires maintenance. Over a period of time through expansion and contraction electrical connections may become loose. These loose connections can create many problems in your homes electrical system.

The licensed electricians at Casteel understand the importance of proper electrical maintenance and are here to help the homeowners of Atlanta.

Signs that your Electrical System May Need Serviced

Flickering Lights or lights that get bright or dim

Tripping breakers, blown fuses

Buzzing sounds coming from your electrical panel

Electrical Items that don’t work (outlets, light switches, etc.)

Your electrical system hasn’t been serviced in more than 5 years

Switches or outlets that are hot to the touch