Concierge Exclusive/PM Member

Casteel Concierge Exclusive MemberAs a Concierge Exclusive Member you will have the benefits of a higher efficient HVAC system, improved air quality, lower costs and peace of mind.

Think about it this way: You wouldn’t want to drive your car without changing the oil or topping off fluids or eventually it would break down. What about your computer? Most likely you run virus protection programs or clear out your temporary files, to keep the computer running without a hitch. The same applies to your HVAC system. The average system runs 2500 hours a year. This is roughly the equivalent of 100,000 miles on your car.

Take a look at the detailed list of what are preventative maintenance visit includes:

25 Point HVAC Inspection

At Casteel, our team will make sure you are Casteel comfortable while exceeding your highest customer service expectations. For this reason, we’ve created the Casteel Concierge Program, a preventative maintenance service. By becoming a Concierge Exclusive Member, the benefits are easy to see:

Benefits of Being a Concierge Exclusive Member:

Casteel Green Check20% Discount On Repairs Casteel Green CheckSaves You Money
Casteel Green Check1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor Casteel Green CheckPeace of Mind
Casteel Green Check25 Point Inspections Casteel Green CheckFewer Breakdowns
Casteel Green Check1" Standard Filter Included Casteel Green CheckIncreased Efficiency
Casteel Green CheckVideo Inspections of Heat Exchanger Casteel Green CheckImproves Comfort
Casteel Green CheckAutomatic Scheduling Casteel Green CheckSafety
Casteel Green CheckPriority Service Casteel Green CheckExtends Equipment Life
Casteel Green CheckNo Overtime Charge Casteel Green CheckBetter Air Quality
Casteel Green CheckEmergency Service Casteel Green CheckConvenience
Casteel Green CheckElectronic Service Record Casteel Green CheckProtects Your System

Our NATE Certified Service Technicians are specifically trained to perform the most detailed of maintenance on your system. Take a look at the long list of checks and balances that will assure that your HVAC system is running at its peak. Call metro Atlanta's Home Service Heroes to perform your preventative maintenance Concierge Visit today at 770-565-5884 or schedule your next visit online.