Ceiling Fans

We all know that a ceiling fan’s purpose is to move the air in a room; but do you know that  installing a ceiling fan in to a room can actually make you more comfortable and most importantly, save you money?

Picking the right ceiling fan can save you as much as 15% off of your energy bills and if installed correctly, can assist in the efficiency of your Air Conditioner, Furnace or Heat Pump. Both ceiling fans and Heating and Air Conditioning systems go hand in hand to assure that you are most comfortable during any season. There are many options of ceiling fans ranging from inexpensive simple designs to high end elaborate designs all of which can enhance the décor of any room. At Casteel, our licensed electricians can assure that you are choosing the right options for your room size.

Whichever design that you choose, experienced Casteel Electricians can install or replace existing fans just about anywhere in or even outside of your home. Are you wanting to sit on your front porch on a hot day and feel a breeze? We can do that! During the cooler months, do you want that warm and cozy feel in any room? We can help you with that as well!

Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation

Our licensed technicians will install your equipment assuring proper wiring. They will evaluate and secure the ceiling fan with the appropriate hardware and explain to you how to effectively use the fan for highest efficiency. Are you wanting a remote control for your new or existing fan? The electricians at Casteel can give you a number of options to enhance your equipment.

By having a licensed Casteel electrician out to do the job, you will have the comfort in knowing that a professional properly installed your ceiling fan. Become a fan of ceiling fans and save money while staying comfortable! Call Casteel at 770-565-5884 and schedule your appointment today!