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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Casteel Balloon!

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Casteel Has Gone to the Sky!


Today was launch day for the Casteel Hot Air Balloon and what beautiful weather we had for our first flight! The hot air balloon can be seen on any given morning or evening flying through the skies of metro Atlanta with our logo and motto “We will Take Amazing Care of You” on the side. Who doesn’t love seeing a hot air balloon floating through the sky. Our balloon pilot from “Balloons Over Georgia” will pick and choose various locations around metro Atlanta, so make sure you keep an eye on the sky to catch a glimpse! You may even see the balloon tethered at various locations around town so come on over and take a closer look! Do you see the balloon landing? Go ahead and chase it down and say hello to balloon driver Daryl!

Casteel Hot Air BalloonCasteel Hot Air Balloon Casteel Hot Air Balloon Casteel Hot Air Balloon

Watch as our balloon launch from our parking lot

Contest Rules:

We are excited to announce our first hot air balloon contest of many! If you spot the Casteel balloon, just snap a picture and tag us with your shared picture! You will then be entered into our random drawing and could WIN $500! Remember that if your post is set to “private” or “friends only,” we won’t see your participation in the contest! You can also share your balloon picture on Instagram and Twitter to enter into the contest! Here are the details! Happy Balloon Hunting!

  • One picture entry per day, per person.
  • You may not duplicate entries with the same picture.
  • Make sure to tag Casteel with your picture to be entered into the contest. Only pictures that are set to public so that we can view/track on social media will be accepted into the contest. You can use #casteelballoon
  • The random drawing will be held on July 1, 2017.  NOW DRAWING ON 8/1/2017
  • Winner will be announced and notified July 1,2017 via social media and has 7 days to respond to the message to claim prize. Notification of prize acceptance must be sent to Casteel by July 8, 2017.      NOTIFICATION TO CASTEEL MUST BE BY 8/9/2017
  • Employees and immediate family members are not eligible.
  • Contest dates 4/10/2017 – 6/30/2017


  • Other Rules and Restrictions May apply.
  • Casteel reserves the right to cancel the contest at anytime without notification.

Take a look at our first Contest Picture! Check out some other balloon pics on our Facebook page!

Casteel Hot Air Balloon Entry

5 Odd Objects Found In Pipes

Friday, June 5th, 2015

“There are strange objects found in pipes, like alligators or subhumanoid creatures living beneath Grant Park,” is a classic urban legend that can be used with any locale. While these wild claims have stood the test of time, there truly are some strange objects that plumbers have found in pipes.

Here are five absolutely bizarre things found in pipes:


Early this year, a San Diego woman was plunging a toilet when a boa constrictor popped its head out from the bowl. “As soon I saw the flicker of its tongue, I definitely knew that it was, in fact, a large snake heading straight toward me,” she told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

This isn’t an isolated incident either, as a nest of snakes was found by a Washington state plumber while running a camera down the line to search for blockage.

The Blob Of North Carolina

Mark this one as a truly bizarre, as it has even confounded the scientific community: In 2009, a plumbing contractor sent a camera down a sewer in Raleigh, North Carolina, only to discover a strange, pulsating blob.

Deemed “The Cameron Village Sewer Blob” by media outlets, the footage was initially dismissed as a hoax until the municipality’s public works issued a statement confirming the video was authentic.

Scientists have weighed in, suggesting it could be a colony of bryozoans, small animals that feed through tentacles or a colony of tubifex worms, which normally inhabit pond sediment and sewage. No conclusion has been proven though.

$2.7 Million In Casino Chips

A little more than a year ago, employees at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City made a strange discovery after guests complained of leaking pipes in their rooms: $2.7 million in counterfeit Borgata poker chips.

Once plumbers tracked down the root of the problem, a Fayetteville, North Carolina, man was determined to improve his chances of winning the Borgata Winter Poker Open. Instead he won an all-expense-paid trip to the Atlantic County Justice Facility for rigging a publicly exhibited contest.

Family Heirlooms

Stories abound about diamond rings and other jewelry winding up in plumbing are fairly common. Thankfully for most instances, recovery doesn’t take much more than removing the trap beneath a sink. But if it goes down the toilet. …

One Union City, California, family learned this the hard way after their 3-year-old son flushed a diamond and sapphire ring that had been in the family for more than 60 years.

Fox subsidiary KTVU news reported city sanitation workers attempted five times to find the loss heirloom before finally locating it a third of a mile from the family’s home.

The stories of objects found in pipes are boundless — they are very interesting unless they are happening to you. If you need some odd things extracted from your pipes, or have any questions about a blockage — call Casteel. They will know how to help.

Image Source: Flickr

Ideas for Outdoor Landscaping

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Warmer weather is on its way to the Atlanta area, and you know what that means: It is time to start thinking about your home’s outdoor spaces. Once you have finished all the Spring yard work that needs to be done, though, you can turn your attention to spicing up curbside appeal. Here are a handful of ideas for outdoor landscaping.

Outdoor Lighting

One place to start is outdoor lighting. Not only can a well-designed lighting plan enhance the beauty of your home’s landscaping, it also offers a measure of safety for you and your family. Walkway lights keep your pathway well lit and illuminate any obstacles that may lay in your way (Bobby forgot to put away his skateboard, again!). Use ground lights to highlight the plants and shrubs around the perimeter of your home. Lights mounted in trees create a beautiful evening atmosphere while providing illumination at the ground level. Outdoor illumination also enhances security by dissuading prowlers. A seasoned electrical pro will have many lighting ideas for outdoor landscaping.

Plant Some Flowers

Landscaping can be an expensive undertaking. Once the landscapers have your plants, shrubs and flowers in the ground, you’re going to want to take care of them in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible. Make sure that your house is properly plumbed and has all the necessary exterior outlets for your watering and yard work needs. Consider installing an in ground sprinkler system with a timer to maximize watering efficiency while wasting the least water possible. This can be especially important during the hottest parts of the Georgia summers, when it doesn’t rain as often as one may hope.

An outdoor gas grill is always a nice addition to a patio. Having a gas line run directly to the grill from the house can save you all those trips to the store to have your propane tank refilled. It also ensures you won’t run out of propane before your steaks are ready to come off the grill.

The folks at Casteel are full of ideas for outdoor landscaping. Call and talk to one of their plumbing or electrical pros to discuss options ranging from water features and in ground sprinkler systems to outdoor lighting and sound systems. Once you’ve got your landscaping looking great, an outdoor kitchen/grill area is a fantastic way to enjoy it!

Image Source: Flickr

In Case of a Power Outage — Here are 5 Ways to Pass the Time

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

You never know when a power outage will hit your home. It may be a nasty winter storm, the remnants of a hurricane or a grid failure that leaves you without electricity, but there’s no reason for your family to be bummed. Here are five fun ways to entertain yourselves while an electrician or utility provider restores power to your home.

1. Set Up a Home Base

Whether you choose your living room, den or master bedroom, it’s a good idea to set up a home base where your family will gather safely while the electricity is out. Have everyone bring their preferred blankets into the room and set up candles in safe places. The best choice is a room near a bathroom so your youngest will not have to go far in the dark. Obviously, any room with a fireplace is the first choice!

2. Break Out the Board Games

Unless you have plenty of charge left in your smartphones, the family will be without the usual online trappings for a while. Show your kids where apps got their start — in classic board games. “Monopoly” and “Life” are winners with people of all ages, while “Scrabble” will help teens recall “Words with Friends” with a vintage style. These games can be so entertaining, chances are the family will want to revisit board games before the next power outage.

3. Make an Improvised Meal

Once your power disappears, the clock begins ticking on food in the refrigerator. You probably have 12 hours or more for most items, but you might as well start some meal planning when power disappears. Choose the most perishable items (milk, cheese, yogurt) first and leave crackers, bread and fruit for a later meal.

4. Play “Hide and Seek”

There is no setting like a darkened house for a round of the classic “Hide and Seek” game. Unless your children frighten easily, this game will be a surefire hit with the power down. For older kids, consider using the entire home as the playing field, but even a single floor has the potential to be the setting for a memorable game. Create a simple timeout policy in case someone gets scared during the game.

5. Chilling Fireside Tales

Have flashlights ready in case you experience a power outage. Besides giving you the opportunity to check and see if everything is safe with the gas lines, you can use the flashlights to tell chilling “fireside” stories. Even improvised versions can send a shudder through family members in the dark.

If you are having fuses blown regularly, chances are you need a new electrical panel. There is no stopping large disturbances that knock out a home’s power. Along with nonperishable food, candles and flashlights, be prepared with fun activities to pass the time until the lights return.

Image source: Flickr

Christmas Light Safety Tips: Rules for the Pretty and Practical

Monday, December 8th, 2014

According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) data, every holiday season hospital emergency rooms treat more than 12,000 people for injuries related to holiday lights and decor, these injuries include shocks and falls. Holiday decorations are festive and beautiful, but keeping your wits and practicing common sense when it comes to Christmas light safety, will ensure that your festivities don’t go up in flames.

The first thing you need to check are the lights themselves. Make sure they have been labeled by a recognized testing lab, such as Underwriters Laboratories, before you buy them. Such a label means the lights have been tested and meet U.S. safety standards. Lights that fall below the standards set by the government are potentially unsafe. The CPSC, since it began tracking holiday lights and decor, has turned away the attempted import of more than 100,000 units of holiday lights that were unlabeled or failed to meet safety standards.

When it comes to Christmas light safety, fused plugs are important. If there is a surge or a short, the fuse will blow and cut the current to the lights, preventing sparking or even a fire. Each year, make sure that your strands of lights show no signs of frayed or bare wires. Damaged sets of lights should simply be thrown away.

If a bulb burns out, try to replace it right away and always use replacement bulbs that are the same wattage as the original. When stringing multiple strands of lights together with an extension cord, check the cord to make sure it is rated for the way you intend to use it, and never use more than three standard-length strands of lights per extension cord.

Electric lights should never be placed on a metal tree, as a faulty wire or bare strand can transfer its charge to the tree and create a hazard for severe shock, electrocution or fire.

Any lights placed outdoors should be rated for outdoor use and plugged into outlets protected with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Have a qualified electrician check out any circuits you want to use for outside lighting to make sure they are adequately protected. The professionals at Casteel will be happy to answer any questions about Christmas light safety this holiday season.

Image Sorce: Flickr

Air Vents in Movies: Don’t Try This at Home

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Whether they’re opening them up to hide their loot or crawling into them to avoid spies or aliens, film characters often use air vents in movies in ways that HVAC pros would not recommend in real life. Here are a few famous portrayals of how not to use your air vents and ductwork.

No Country for Old Men

In this best picture winner, Llewelyn — played by Josh Brolin — hides a satchel of money in the ductwork of a cheap motel. Unscrewing the air vents in movies is one method that characters often use to hide their loot and other goods. Although it clearly seems like a good idea to the characters, stuffing things into your ductwork blocks airflow and decreases the efficiency of your Roswell HVAC system.

Mission Impossible

In the film’s iconic heist scene, Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, descends from an air vent and dangles above the floor. He is suspended by Jean Reno’s character, who waits in the air duct above. Most residential ducts are not designed to support this amount of weight. While air vents in movies appear to offer amazing access to a secret habitrail, crawling into your home’s ductwork could cause a lot of expensive damage — not to mention putting you at risk of injury.


In this classic 1979 science fiction thriller from Ridley Scott, a spaceship manned by Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and her crew is infested with threatening aliens. The creatures enter through the air vents and live in the ductwork. Unfortunately, this scenario — minus the aliens — is all too realistic. Loose or broken vents can allow mice, squirrels and other unwanted visitors to enter your house. Check vents each spring and fall. If necessary, call Casteel to replace or repair damaged vents to prevent small creatures from entering your home.

Die Hard

When it comes to a star turn for ductwork and air vents in movies, “Die Hard” is a masterpiece. Bruce Willis plays John McClane, a New York City cop trapped in a Los Angeles office tower. McClane uses the ducts as his office and transportation as he works to free hostages from a group of criminals led by Alan Rickman. Despite being part of an exciting plot, this use of ductwork is not realistic.

In movies, creative uses for air vents and ductwork often move the plot along. In reality, the ductwork in your Roswell home should be used only for heating and cooling.

Image source: Flickr

Five Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

You see it in movies and on television. Perhaps you’ve even done it yourself. Many homeowners in Marietta use their toilet as an easy receptacle for unwanted items that are not typical human waste. However, if you flush things that your toilet and plumbing are not designed to handle, you could cause some pretty pricey damage. Even if the items successfully flush down the toilet, you could be harming your septic system, the sewer and the environment.

Two-Ply Toilet Paper

Though it may be softer on skin, two-ply toilet tissue is much rougher on plumbing and septic systems. Two-ply takes twice as long to break down as single-ply tissue does. The enzymes and bacteria that are present in sewer and septic systems work to break down material over time. The more tissue there is to break down, the greater the risk that the enzymes and bacteria will not keep pace. This can lead to a backup or to a septic tank that requires frequent emptying. Stick with single-ply papers.


Alive or dead, fish are often considered fair game for the circular graveyard. In the case of live fish, there is the cruelty of live chemical breakdown to be considered. Moreover, if the fish survives and makes it to the sewer, you could be introducing a non-native species into the waters of Marietta.

From a plumbing perspective, fish, hamsters and other small pets — whether dead or alive — can clog pipes, strain septic systems and damage city sewers. The compost pile or a backyard burial are far better options.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is usually not biodegradable, so it will just sit in a septic tank or sewer. It may even be discharged back into the water supply. Like hair, floss can snarl and clog pipes if you flush down enough of it.


You know those convenient wipes that are made for babies, bathrooms or general cleaning? They are not safely flushable. Because they don’t degrade in water, wipes that are flushed can clog your pipes and septic tank. They can also clog the sewer system.

Cotton Balls

Even though they seem light, fluffy and natural, cotton balls do not biodegrade quickly enough to flush down safely. They can get stuck in pipe bends and cause a clog.

If you’ve flushed something that you shouldn’t have, you may notice that your toilet isn’t working as quickly or efficiently as before. Backups and even overflows may result. When this happens, call a professional service such as Casteel’s team of plumbing pros.

Image source: Flickr

Girl Scout Cookies!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Our office got a treat today as Girl Scout cookies arrived from our President’s daughter Brooke today! Everyone loved the cookies and are so thankful for her. Girl scout cookies inspires discussion about whats your favorite cookie. There’s no telling whats going to win that debate but one thing is for sure they’re all great! We love supporting Girl Scouts of America!

Thank you  Brooke!


Happy 2013 Atlanta from Casteel Heating and Cooling!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Happy 2013 from Casteel Heating and Cooling! Looking back at 2012 this was a great year! We as a company grew at a time when other companies are struggling. Led by Bob Casteel, John Hillis and Richard Eppers, Casteel has seen growth in all departments. We brought in Eric Bresnan from our design team to lead our service department. Under his leadership service has added several techs and implemented additional training and tool sets  thanks to Eric’s years of experience. We saw the addition of Buck Ford in sales, adding another innovative mind to our strong deign team. J.C. McAllister took leader ship of our Home Depot services department, a huge venture for our company that we’re very excited about.

Yes, 2012 was a great year for Casteel Heating and Cooling and we’re looking forward to an even stronger 2013!