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Meet Rachel – Our Amazing Care Supervisor

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Casteel is only as good as its team. Featuring our team members, provide you the chance to meet the people that help us provide you Amazing Care!

Meet Rachel – Our Amazing Care Supervisor

Rachel has been with Casteel for 5 years this November. When Rachel started with Casteel, she was one of our Customer Service Representatives. Now she holds the title of Amazing Care Supervisor. Rachel has over 15 years experience in customer service. She also holds many other titles in the office; Office mom, nurse, counselor. Pretty much anything that you need help with Rachel is your go to person. She is always willing to help no matter the situation. Last year Rachel received the award for “Employee of the Year 2016.”

Rachel is from Columbus, GA and currently resides in Kennesaw, GA. She has been happily married with her husband Richard for 15 years. They just celebrated their anniversary on September 7th in Helen, GA. They have been together for a total of 21 years! They met back in high school when they were just 16 but never connected. 2 years later a friend re-introduced them and it was love at first site. The rest is history!

Together, her and Richard have two little sweet fur babies! Reilly is a 12-year-old Min-Pin, and his sister is Mia is a 3-year-old Chihuahua  mix. They enjoy sleeping, eating, and sunbathing! Rachel enjoys taking them for walks in the park and snuggling with them. Rachel tells her sweet fur babies that, “they are the love of her life and Richard is lucky to come in 3rd on the list.”

In her spare time Rachel loves spending time with her 3 nieces and 3 great nieces. Rachel doesn’t reserve all of her love for her fur babies along, she also LOVES sloths! This November 11, Rachel will be celebrating her 40th birthday, and she is getting the opportunity to have a private encounter with none other….. a sloth.  The sloth’s name is Jubilee and her home is at the North Georgia Zoo.  Rachel is beyond excited to get to spend the day with her.

Rachel loves working for Casteel.  She sees first hand that the statement “We will take amazing care of you,” Not only applies to each and every customer but to the employees as well. The company was built on honesty and integrity, and Rachel sees those ethics standing true till this day. She considers everyone at Casteel her “Casteel Family.”

The next time you call Casteel and get Rachel, remember to ask her about her sloth experience! If you or anyone you know are looking to be a part of an Amazing team, contact Casteel today or send your resume in here.

Why You Should Check if Your Electrical Outlets Need Replacing

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


Your electrical outlet never needs to be replaced right? WRONG! Do you know the signs that clue you in to when your electrical outlets need replacing?

Your cord keeps falling out. The slots on the outlet can loosen over time and no longer have a proper connection. You should never bend the prongs of your cord to make it stay in place. Altering the electrical components of your cord or the outlet is a fire hazard.

Your outlet isn’t tamper resistant. Tamper resistant outlets have a shutter on them that will only allow a two-pronged plug into the outlet to properly create a circuit. This will prevent any children from being able to stick anything into the outlet shocking them.

Your outlet feels warm when you touch it. Weakening of the internal contacts or wire terminals can cause the outlet to be warm to the touch. This would be your warning sign. With the terminals overheating, it will eventually start melting and may increase your potential of a fire hazard.

The outlet stops working or trips the breaker.  In some cases, you might have to just reset the GFCI on another outlet on the same circuit. Still not certain what that means? Look at all of the outlets along the same or adjoining walls and reset any GFCI outlets.  If it’s still not providing electricity after resetting, then the outlet needs to be replaced.

You have an outlet that isn’t grounded. In homes that are 15+ years or older, you may find outlets that only have two receptacle slots. These are un-grounded outlets. The current recommendation is the use of a 3 hole receptacle.

If you have any doubt or question about your outlet or are experiencing any issues contact our electrical department today! A simple whole home electrical inspection can provide you peace of mind and an electrical expert’s advice on the safety of your current electrical outlets.


Richard Eppers – 2017 Top 40 Under 40

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Richard Eppers Top 40 Under 40Congratulations to our very own Richard Eppers for being awarded ACHR New’s 2017 Top 40 Under 40. Richard came to Casteel twelve years ago as a Service Technician. He quickly moved up the ranks, and along the way, he helped Casteel grow from 20 employees to over 200.  He now serves as Casteel’s Executive Vice President. Richard has done so much to make Casteel the company it is today. Thank you Richard for all of your efforts.

Read more about ACHR’s Top 40 Under 40.

Meet Silvia – Our Retail Sales Supervisor

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Casteel is only as good as it’s team. We’d like to feature our team members so you have the chance to meet the people that help us provide you Amazing Care!

Meet Silvia – Our Retail Sales Supervisor

One of the first people you will meet after stepping into the Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical office is Silvia. Silvia’s outgoing personality is hard to miss once you step into the office! Silvia has been with the company for 3 years working as our Retail Sales Supervisor. When she came to Casteel, Silvia brought an extensive knowledge of Home Services and customer service having worked for Mister Sparky and other home service companies in the past.

Silvia hails from Nicaragua and speaks fluent Spanish. Silvia moved to the US when she was 3 years old. Her dad fought in the Nicaraguan Revolution, and her father fought on the Somoza side. When the rebels won the war, Silvia and her family had to escape persecution. They were extended immigration to the US through a war visa.

She currently lives close to the office with her 3-year-old daughter, Valentina. Valley, as Silvia likes to call her daughter, is the center of Silvia’s life. When Silvia isn’t working, she is spending as much time with her daughter as possible which includes playing outside, painting, and watching Disney Movies. Valley has just as much personality as Silvia. She told her mom to “hush your voice” once which left Silvia floored as that would be something she would say.

Silvia has a slight obsession with makeup and skincare products. Okay, not a slight obsession, a huge obsession. She enjoys trying on different kinds of lipsticks to find the perfect color and formula. Any girl knows what it’s like to find a lipstick soul mate – and Silvia’s soulmate right now is Colour Pop’s “More Better”.

If time travel was a thing, Silvia would like to travel back to the 1600s. In high school, Silvia thought about majoring in History in college. Then she quickly realized that she couldn’t do much with that major and changed her mind.

If you’ve ever had any of Silvia’s dishes she brings into Casteel’s Monthly Potlucks, you know she can cook! It may surprise her co-workers – or maybe not – that Silvia went to Chattahoochee Tech for a year of culinary arts. Now if you are ever lucky enough to have Silvia’s lasagna, her signature dish, you better savor every single bite!

Silvia loves working for Casteel because she is empowered to do what she is thinks is right to service and satisfy the customers’ needs, and Casteel’s managers trust her to do the right thing. It also helps that she enjoys who she works with as well. Casteel has a fun group of employees who do everything they can to provide Amazing Care to the customer.

Why AC Is Not Cooling?

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Your AC is meant to keep your home at the temperature you have set on the thermostat and, like some unfortunate homeowners,  you want to know why AC is not cooling your home. With the Atlanta heat and humidity, if anything goes wrong, you are sure to notice. Whether your AC seems to be running for hours or your home just doesn’t seem to get to that cool temperature you have programmed, troubleshooting your AC is key to keeping your utility costs down. Some problems stem from poor installation techniques and others from problems that can occur throughout the life of your HVAC system. Having an expert HVAC repair technician to diagnose and fix why AC is not cooling is key to extending the life of your system. If your AC is limping along in this Georgia heat, you may have a few issues that need to be rectified to feel that rush of cold air again.

AC Not Cooling? Troubleshoot like a Pro!

Check Your Air Filter

dirty air filter that is restricting air flow

We so often come into customers’ homes and find an air filter so clogged that it restricts air flow. Some systems will even freeze up and stop blowing air completely.

The most common reason for restrictions in your air flow are so often a dirty air filter that has been neglected. Check your air filter and make sure to keep it changed according to manufacturer settings. This is the easiest thing you can do as a homeowner to help reduce repair costs and keep your AC running at its peak.

Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

What a great piece of technology. With the press of a button you can increase or decrease the temps in your home. Some learning and programmable thermostats even know your schedule, when you are home, when you leave, and what makes you comfortable and they adjust accordingly. When you thermostat is not turning on your AC or maintaining your room’s temperature as programmed, you need the professional AC repair technicians in Marietta, Ga to come out and diagnose the problem. Before making the call to have your thermostat checked, change your batteries! This can be an easy fix that you can accomplish on your own!

Your Coolant is Leaking or Low

Your AC system is a sealed system. In a properly functioning HVAC system, you should not have to recharge your coolant or have a need for refill. However things may happen. Over time, due to wear and tear, vibrations, and hours of use,  your system may develop small leaks that can decrease the performance of your cooling capabilities. This problem can be easily handled with the right tools and knowledge that your expert HVAC technicians come equipped with.

Your AC is Not Properly Sized to Your Home

Let’s face it, not every homeowner is familiar with the ins and outs of everything HVAC and they look to the experts for know how. When purchasing a new HVAC system, make sure to qualify the company that you are having install your equipment. HVAC equipment is designed to heat and cool a certain square footage of space, based on the size of unit. Too small of a unit for your space, and it won’t be able to keep up the demand for cooling. Too large of unit, and the temperature may be lowered but the humidity in the air may not be removed due to too short  of a cycle time.

Your Coils are Dirty

example of dirty ac coil and clean ac coil Dirty evaporator or condenser coils cause a restriction in air flow which in turn may not allow your system to perform to specifications and cool properly. Regular preventative maintenance prevents the build up of grime in your system. While it may seem like a minute problem to have, any restriction to air flow can cause your system to work harder and shortens the life of your unit.

If you are just not feeling that ice cold air coming from your vents, make sure to have your problem diagnosed and AC repaired by Atlanta’s top HVAC service company. With over 28,000 5 star and A+ reviews and properly screened and trained employees, you will be back to cool in no time! Contact Casteel today and schedule online for a 10% discount of your service call fee. (not to be combined with any other offers or discounts)

How Does HVAC Technology Help the Consumer?

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Now days most products are either wifi capable, provide alerts, or are capable of giving you recommendations to better your budget and lifestyle. The HVAC industry was not overlooked in the technological movement. With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, knowing which HVAC products and upgrades are most beneficial to your lifestyle are key to living easy, comfortable and well.

Technology in HVAC : What’s Out There?

  • Products that Help Reduce Your Utility Bills
    • Programmable Thermostat– Electronics such as the Nest learning thermostat, are great at helping you reduce your utility costs but minimizing system usage when it is not needed and maximize your comfort. By recognizing your location, the system learns your schedule. It can also turn off the HVAC system when you are not home just by tracking your cell phone. You can turn your system on when you’ re heading back home via the Nest app and your thermostat will turn your HVAC to your desired temp remotely. When your system is not running, you’re saving money! The best part is that you don’t even have to think about turning your system on or off. With wifi capability, programmable thermostats recognize you and your phone and know when you are home!
  • Products that Help Increase Your Comfort
    • Ductless Mini Split Systems– These HVAC systems provide the homeowner with flexible options to heating and cooling spaces. Not only are they efficient but they can be zoned to provide catered comfort! Mini Split systems offer room by room temperature control giving you flexibility to have different temps in various rooms. Not only will you be pleased with the customization, the installation process is also flexible. The lack of traditional “in wall” ducts allows for a much easier installation process.
    • Electronic Air Filtration– Each year, the pollen becomes unbearable in Atlanta. Homeowners close the windows and minimized outside air time to help prevent itchy eyes, sneezing fits and runny noses. Electronic Air Filters are the best option to remove all pollutants and particles from the air. With some being even as advanced as some you would find in hospital settings, installing electronic air filtration as a HVAC system enhancer will make sure your air is clean and free of contaminants! Not only will your allergy systems be reduced, but your risk of illnesses will be as well!
  • Products that Help Maintain the Life of Your HVAC
    • Self Diagnosing HVAC System Technology – It never fails. It is the hottest or coldest day in Atlanta and your HVAC system breaks down. With self diagnosing system technology such as the ComfortGuard, your system can alert you to possible needed repairs. Whether it be regular preventative maintenance alerts or problem alerts, monitoring technology provides you with the edge to keep comfortable during each system. Not only do these advanced technologies alert you to potential problems, but also your trusted HVAC company. Preventative maintenance and increasing system longevity has never been easier for a homeowner. Simple phone apps will give you the needed analytics to understand the functioning of your system.

We as consumers research cell phone features, car safety features and even appliance technology, but often the HVAC system is overlooked. With so many new and advanced features, you will  have the chance to increase your energy efficiency, save money, extend the life of your system and customize your comfort. Don’t be left in the stone age with your HVAC system. Consider adding some of these features to your existing HVAC system or adding them on to your system replacement. The advances in technology are worth the small spend. Contact Casteel’s HVAC team today to discover how small advances can make you more comfortable. Schedule Now!

Hydro Jetting or Drain Snake? Which is Right for my Plumbing Problem?

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Water damage is on the top of the list of insurance claims and if you’ve had a clog or leak, you know that water seeps into every nook and cranny and can cause an incredible amount of damage. A clogged drain line can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Fats, oils and greases  are among the many things that can build up in your drain line and cause a plumbing backup.

Are you a home or business owner who pours grease down the drain followed by hot water? Hot water and a little dish soap is NOT the answer to flushing your pipes. Is your drain a catch all when you wash the dishes? Drain buildup is a common problem and Casteel has 2 great solutions for you if you discover you have a clogged drain:

Plumbing Snake:

A “drain snake” is also known as a plumbing auger and is designed to bore a hole in your blockage and/or push through it. Depending on the type of clog it can also pull the clog out. The auger itself is a metal tube that is pushed through the drain all the way to the blockage. The plumber holds a crank that extends the auger through the pipes until it is extended to the blockage.

  • PRO: Ideal for small blockages.
  • PRO: Great alternative to failed plunger attempts
  • PRO: Can diagnose more severe blockages such as tree roots which are more difficult to break through.
  • PRO: Great for slow drains such as sink drains that may be clogged with leftover food.
  • CON: The blockage is not necessarily removed.
  • CON: Not a permanent solution to blockages as fat, grease, oil, and other blockage build up or not removed, just broken through to allow water flow.

Hydro Jetter:

You’ve seen pressure washers to get the dirt and grime off of your home, car, furniture etc.. These are solely based on pressurizing water to create an intense stream of water to blast away grime off of the surface you are cleaning. Plumbing Hydro Jetters use the same concept of pressuring water but the surfaces that are cleaned are those inside of your plumbing pipes. A hydro jetter uses a hose and nozzle that is inserted into a drain. The plumber uses various nozzle heads and water pressure to not just break through a clog, but clean your lines of it completely. A hydro jetter can even blast through tree roots and remove them completely from your drain lines.

  • PRO: Clogs and Blockages are removed.
  • PRO: Pipes are cleaned to a “like new” condition blasting away hard dirt, grime and blockages.
  • PRO: Can clear almost any clog.
  • PRO: Can be used to clean a variety of lines such as french drains, landscaping drains and indoor plumbing.
  • PRO: Great for commercial settings to provide drain maintenance on heavily used drain lines.
  • CONS: Must be used by a professional plumber.
  • CONS: More expensive than utilizing drain snake plumbing repairs (but it does remove the clog)
  • CONS: Not every plumber can do this – make sure you hire someone who is properly trained.
  • CONS: Does have higher risks if your pipes are damaged or weak due to the high water pressure.


If you have a clog in your pipes or slow flowing drains, the professional plumbers at Casteel can help you choose between the 2 options that will clear your clog.  Contact Casteel today! Schedule Your Appointment Now.






Casteel and 104.7 the Fish Come Together to Support MUST Ministries

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

School is a wrap for the 2016/2017 year and Casteel is back to helping our neighbors in need. Each year MUST Ministries provide lunches to thousands of children during the summer months, who may not have the opportunity to eat well balanced meals as they would during the school year. One of our favorite events to hold is a Food Donation Day at Must Ministries off of Cobb Parkway. We call in some re-enforcements and partner with 104.7 the Fish and host a live radio broadcast with Taylor Scott herself!

This year’s event was a great success! The Casteel booth was filled with activities such as lunch bag decorating, face painting, bubbles, hula hoop contests, and even a cotton candy machine! We collected hundreds of pounds of food thanks to the generosity of the community, we surpassed our donations from last year! It is truly inspiring to see neighbors helping neighbors.

Check out some great pictures from the event below and consider supporting MUST Ministries and helping your neighbors. There are numbers of opportunities where you can support those in need in your community.

The Set Up Is Complete!

3 Beautifully Wrapped Vehicles leading the way to the Event!

Check out all that food! This is only a small portion of what was collected!

The crows is having a ton of fun!

J.C. has a career in cotton candy making!

These 2 cuties made some great bags!

Thank you to the CATO team who collected and brought a bunch of food to support MUST!

What is High Pressure Jetting?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

We hear about plumbing disasters from many of our metro Atlanta customers. Overflowing toilets, flooded basements, water damage to commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, apartment complexes; are all things that business and home owners dread. Excess “gunk and grime” in your sewer and drain lines can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and cause costly amounts of damage and inconvenience to your home or business. Regular maintenance is key in preventing backups and high pressure water jetting is a great way to get the job done right.

High Pressure water jetting is just that. Water that is under pressure that comes from a nozzle and clears any and all blockages in your drain by jetting through the gunk.. it even blasts through tree roots! If you have ever pressure washed your home or business, you know how effective pressurized water can be in cleaning and clearing the unnecessary extras. The same applies to your drain line. If you are someone who uses a lot of grease, uses your drain like a trash can, has trees close to your home and main drain; high pressure jetting is your answer to keeping those lines clear and clean like the day they were installed.

Casteel has invested in a high pressure water jetter that is easily towed to your home or facility to help home and business owners maintain and unclog their drain lines and prevent future clogs. Using just ordinary water, and with the use of a number of nozzle heads, we are able to clear your clog without chemicals. By just inserting the nozzle into your drain , and with the proper training and know how, using high pressure we can even cut through tree roots and hardened grease that has invaded your pipes. Your drain line will be “like new” and the process is environmentally safe! High pressure jetting can be used on a number of sizes of pipes and is not limited to just your drain line, providing great benefit to homeowners you may be experienced frequent clogs.

With the technology that Casteel’s ‘US Jetting’ hydro jetter provides, there is no match for tree roots, grease, grime, dirt & gravel, and any other debris that clogs your pipes and wreaks havoc in your home and business. Experience is crucial when using high powered equipment. The Casteel Plumbing team has been specially trained to utilize this equipment in a variety of settings:

  • residential drain clogs
  • restaurants
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • apartment/retirement communities
  • municipalities
  • golf courses
  • hotels
  • drain tile (“french drains”)
  • landscaping and gutter drains
  • swimming pool drains

While some situations warrant the standard “snake” technique in removing a clog in home and residential plumbing, a hydro jetter not only gets the water flowing again but it also cleans your pipes. Casteel offers a hydro jetting option to business and homeowners. Contact Casteel today! Schedule your Appointment Now. 



Is My AC Ready for Summer?

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

We sure hope your A/C is ready for summer since the temps are now soaring to typical Hotlanta numbers! If you are like many, and haven’t put much thought into maintaining your A/C just yet, here are a number of tips that will help you prevent unnecessary breakdowns. When Atlanta temperatures rise, we see a drastic influx of A/C repair and replacement calls come into the office – if you are hot, so is everyone else! As the phones ring off the hook, we find that many homeowners take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their home maintenance. With a little preplanning and preparedness, you too can avoid that mad rush to stop the hot air coming from your AC vents and get back to ice cold summer comfort.

Did You Set Your Preventative A/C Maintenance Appointment?

Don’t delay. Do it now. As soon as the temperature rises, HVAC company schedules start to fill up with tune up’s and preventative maintenance visits. You may not get yours performed next day due to demand, but get yours scheduled anyway. Preventative Maintenance extends the life of your system and may even catch a potential cause of breakdown. A good rule of thumb:  at the first sign of spring, call your trusted HVAC company to get on the schedule for a cooling tune up. In the meantime, follow the next steps to make sure that you are not causing any additional wear on your system.

  • Change your Air Filter if it is dirty.

    This is the #1 cause of AC breakdowns and is an easy task for the homeowner to take on. Set a reminder in your phone to replace your filter regularly, and buy them in bulk so you don’t have to think about purchasing them at the last minute. Even better, label each filter for the month it is to go into the system. All of these little preparedness steps will help keep your airflow unlabored due to excessing dirt.

  • Go outside and get a visual of your outdoor unit.

    Is it overgrown with weeds, bushes or grass? Is it dirty and dusty? Is there anything blocking air flow? Trim away all unnecessary landscaping and take the water hose to the unit to rinse it off. Do not use harsh chemicals. Leave the deep cleaning to the professionals and just give it a nice rinse to make sure that again, there is nothing blocking air flow.

  • Double check your thermostat settings.

    If you don’t have a programmable or smart thermostat just yet, you may want to consider having one installed. Some thermostats even learn your schedule, such as the Nest thermostat, and can save you up 20-30% on your energy bills. Make sure your thermostat is at a schedule that suits yours and is not keeping your system running endlessly when no one is home. Those extra hours do put wear on your system. Set the thermostat to turn back on 30 minutes-1 hour before your arrival. Remember many scheduled change come summer breaks from school, adjust accordingly.

  • If you have blinds or ceiling fans, use them.

    The hot summer sun can increase the temperature of your home. When no one is home, keep those blinds closed. You will run your system less and keep the inside cooler without the additional stress on your HVAC unit. While a ceiling fan does not actually cool the air, it does work hand in hand with your HVAC system to distribute the cool air throughout the home. Make sure the blades are set to the appropriate direction for the season. By running the fan, you feel cooler due to the air movement – take advantage of that!

The last thing every homeowner wants is to have an HVAC system breakdown on the hottest day of the year. We hear it all of the time, “I have company coming this weekend and my A/C went out!” Don’t let that be you, and take these few easy steps in preparing your home for cooling season. While you may not see the rewards as easily if your system stays running, you will definitely feel the heat when it breaks down. Casteel can help you maintain your system and prevent breakdowns with a scheduled A/C tune up. Contact Casteel today at (770) 565-5884 and have one of our expert HVAC technicians out to your home!