A Comparison Shoppers Guide

  Majority of Contractors Casteel
Computerized "Manual J" load calculations to determine the proper size of your home's heating and cooling system  NO YES
Airflow review to ensure proper delivery of conditioned air  NO YES
Air duct leakage reduction guarantee  NO YES
Identify "energy wasting" infiltration points in home  NO YES
Repair infiltration points in HVAC system or home  NO YES
Identify or repair dry or damp homes  NO YES
Reduce or eliminate hot & cold spots in homes  NO YES
Lower utility bills by reducing consumption  NO YES
Quality assurance guarantee - 100% money back  NO YES
Clean home guarantee  NO YES
Quality control inspection on each job by QC manager  NO YES
Pay technicians base on quality, not quantity  NO YES 
Certified "Home Comfort Specialists" (CI member)  NO YES
All testing done on-site for accuracy and validation  NO YES
NATE Certified Technicians  NO YES

Not all contractors are created equal!

As you have discovered reading this website, the efficiency, safety, and comfort of a new heating and air conditioning system is directly related to the design and installation practices of the contractor you select. The majority of contractors focus 80-90% of their time discussing the equipment, the brand name, the product features, the efficiency, and the warranties of a new heating and air conditioning system. Unfortunately this does little to serve the customer. In reality, a contractor’s time would be better served by spending 80-90% of their time designing a system that will actually decrease utility bills, increase comfort, control humidity, eliminate hot and cold spots, and reduce duct leakage.

It cannot be stressed enough that the design and installation practices of a company should be the single biggest factor in selecting a contractor … All governmental agencies, energy providers and engineers understand the importance of designing and install today’s high efficiency equipment based on Facts, Testing and Science.

Expect Professionalism and Demand Perfection! Don’t let your contractor off easy, require them to scientifically test your home – make them earn their money!