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5 5 Star Review

Always have done a great job. Very honest and trustworthy.

5 5 Star Review

Everyone from the designer to the tech was knowledgable, friendly and professional.


Financing Options Available!

Casteel is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best financing options available. Applying only takes a couple minutes, and a quick credit decision is only a few clicks away.

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Proudly Endorsed by Monica Kaufman Pearson

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I'm an actual customer and I love how Casteel takes amazing care of all my heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs at home.
- Monica Kaufman Pearson - Veteran TV News Reporter, Anchor and Radio Host on Kiss 104.1

How to Prepare Your Home for the Seasons

    • Prepare Your Home for the Spring

    • Spring into action and be prepared for summer!

      • Chemically clean your condenser coils
      • Remove leaves from your condenser
      • Trim branches and shrubs from around the condenser
      • Clear the drain line to prevent water damage
      • Have your unit professionally cleaned
    • Lower that power bill!

      Depending on the size of your home, you can save 3% on your cooling costs for every degree you raise your thermostat in the summer. Raising the thermostat from 73 to 78 degrees can mean savings of up to 15% in cooling costs!

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    • Prepare Your Home for the Summer

    • Temperatures are rising, Stay cool!

      • Keep your thermostat at 78 degrees to save money
      • Change your filters often
      • Make sure bees or ants have not built nests in your condenser
      • if the unit suddenly stops working check your breaker then call a professional.
    • Check your Fan Man!

      Make sure your fan is spinning clockwise. This will create a wind-chill effect. Turn your ceiling fan off when you exit the room. Fans cool people not rooms.

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  • FALL
    • Prepare Your Home for the Fall

    • An ounce of prevention...

      • Change the filters before the system fails
      • Check the batteries in your thermostat once a year
      • Clean sticks and leaves from around the condenser
      • Have the furnace inspected before it's put to use.
      • Clean your drain lines
    • Batteries can be the culprit!

      Change the batteries in your digital thermostat annually: People forget that their digital thermostat has batteries in it. If you get in the habit of changing the batteries annually, you can eliminate a no-heat situation.

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    • Prepare Your Home for the Winter

    • Our Winter Tips! Be Safe!

      • Have your furnace's heat exchangers inspected to ensure safety from carbon monoxide
      • Keep the system at 68 degrees to save money
      • Make sure your home is sealed tight so no air leaks out or in
      • Ensure your attic is properly insulated
      • Make sure that your system's gas lines and electrical system are checked for safety.
    • Saving energy saves you money!

      Set your thermostat at 65°-68° F during the winter while you're home during the day, and lower it at night or while you're away to 55°-58° F. Seniors and individuals with health problems may require a warmer setting

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